I am a Contemporary Fiction Writer, Poet and Essayist. While many people have vivid imaginations, my imaginary friends refused to give me peace until I let them out of my head. I started writing out of a sense of desperation, call it self-defense. In any case, I have been writing down my stories since the day I was able to put a sentence to paper.

Writing is as necessary to me as breathing, and about as difficult for me as running a marathon. I often lose my stamina, my focus and the will to continue. I frequently give up for a time on a piece, only to have it live on and endlessly pester me until I revive it.

While I have many, many such ‘’Works In Progress’’ (sounds so much more grandiose than ‘’unfinished pieces’’) I realized I have quite a few small works floating around. These are finished pieces, some even published, and they needed a place to call home.

My current focus is on fiction pieces featuring disabled characters. This is a small but growing genre. If you look in Amazon under the tag “wounded hero” (a detestable term, but I digress) you will see hundreds books and films listed. I hope to contribute to the continued growth of this genre while offering ‘’Not just another romance…’’, as well as increase my contributions to my other genres of interest.